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Wednesday, August 25

Developers Meet

All the developers of BlogPet are meeting up later on today to go through bug fixes, improving the back-end code and making everything modular ready for new features. I'll also try and get everyone involved on here to blog their progress.

Dan is our 'comms expert' - he can pretty much get anything to talk to anything, and store everything in the process.

Guppy is AI nuts - the first time I met him he was teaching a toaster how to insult a cardboard box, and he's done a lot of work with natural language parsing with various other projects.

I'm going to work through these bug fixes for immediate release, while setting up the databases, testing environments and source libraries ready for version 2. Its a long way off but it will be worth every minute.

I will keep you posted.


Blogger wegglywoo said...

seems like a cute idea, but at the moment it doesn't seem to do very much.

most of all, i'd like there to be a range of animals to keep as pets. i'd like non-animals, too, like... could i have an abstraction for a pet, like 'love', or 'togetherness'?

i presume that the little critter gleans information about you from your blog profile, and learns your writing style by sampling the things you write and - presumably - regurgitating them at comic moments...

it all sounds very ambitious. good luck.

and it's 'tamagotchi', not 'tamigotchi', as you have on your download page - 'tama' is 'egg' in japanese.

September 9, 2004 at 4:36 AM

Blogger Jason said...

Yay, glad to see the firefox blinky bug was fixed.

September 19, 2004 at 3:57 AM

Blogger The Impertinent One said...

got it from Hima's BLog ..neat idea BUT nychance of a different animal like a DOG??? or a bunny ?? nyways its a brilliant idea ...
Good luck and ....cant think of nything *major writer's block*...........................

September 21, 2004 at 6:11 AM

Blogger Leon said...

Blogging is weird. I check on some blogs - see blogpet - check out this blog - check out alex's profile - see movies ... the rest is history. (mwahahaha).


September 23, 2004 at 11:48 AM

Blogger Zauberfee said...

I just downloaded the pet and was wondering how I put my name on top. I also read about the counting feature which I think would be great. And I would love to see a range of pets you can choose from too^^
Makes me a bit suspicious that nothing is going on here since August... Dont tell me I gave up my tagboard for a dying idea... So I hope I see my pet do something here and then lol ^.^

September 24, 2004 at 7:32 AM

Blogger a. said...

Lovely little critter, but it can't answer some of my questions. Like if it was possible to get different sizes? He is 20 p too wide for the space he has to be squeezed in.
Then how will I see if it communicates with other pets?
Is it made exculsively for English, or does it recognise words from other languages? Can you build up a dictionary, teaching him?

And: you people rock.

October 2, 2004 at 3:49 PM

Blogger lydia said...

hey blogpets are siooo cute. i'm gonna make one for my blog. can you visit my bloggie for me? it's at http://icyii.blogspot.com thankies! :D

October 7, 2004 at 3:48 AM

Blogger lydia said...

hey blogpets are siooo cute. i'm gonna make one for my blog. can you visit my bloggie for me? it's at http://icyii.blogspot.com thankies! :D

October 7, 2004 at 3:48 AM

Blogger JalanRiong said...

My main text box disappeared until you mouse-over. Then the text comes out real small and centred.
Yes, Pet box too big.
Can I change name of Pet instead of the name of site?

October 9, 2004 at 4:02 AM

Blogger Kerri said...

When I first installed it, it said Alex's Pet...then changed to Kerri @ but my sidebar text got centered. Now that it's not centered, all it says is This is My Pet and the counter is all out of whack. Jumped up to over 7700 after being at 16 a couple hours before. What happened?

October 10, 2004 at 3:41 AM

Blogger ~QiQi~ said...

how to i change e name of the pet? I saw some of e pple they can put eg. "FF's pet"
Is there other animals we can choose from?
But nevertheless...I love this blogpet thingy...its so cute...thax

October 19, 2004 at 6:49 AM

Blogger angie said...

Yea.. how to change the name of my pet?

October 23, 2004 at 4:47 PM

Blogger Mitch said...

I actually have the same problem as kerri. How can we fix that?

December 5, 2004 at 5:26 AM

Blogger Ruthless Jack said...

hes very buggy im afraid .... choice of animal yes please and further dev's need looking at .. i mean what the hells "whos geleral faliure and whys he reading my hard-drive" wTF ? may need to enlist a comedian for the commenst

anyway good luck with uit im sure you'll get lots of peeps adding him

December 5, 2004 at 12:36 PM

Blogger Kale said...

you know, for coders and the lot, I wouldn't expect to find a templated-blog =/ maybe a review of html is in need? I'm just playing with you guys (if you even read this). my girlfriend has one of these things. yeah.

December 13, 2004 at 5:40 AM

Blogger graciex said...

erm, why does it always same da same old thing? u all mention that they will read your post but why mine doesnt? It just kept repeating all da same old things it said.

December 14, 2004 at 4:16 PM

Blogger Ferdinand T Cat said...

Very cool, but the problem is, my pet is a human, not a cat.

December 20, 2004 at 3:56 AM

Blogger adrienne said...

how do u make one?

December 22, 2004 at 5:10 AM

Blogger killthesmiley said...

great idea. i love it...but it does the same damn thing. doesn't change at all. and a great idea to have different animals available. If you need someone to do graphics, i'm pretty sure i could do them, or i can get you in touch with someone to fool around with the graphics for you. And different backgorund effects would be neat too. I think there might be a need for regular updates, not just...there. you know what i mean.

December 31, 2004 at 4:13 AM

Blogger Denise said...

I've only had half a background ever since I installed it. What's up? Otherwise, it's a cute little thing. P.S. to cat: I do not need to cheer up! Okay well maybe.

January 3, 2005 at 2:21 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Hi...Great idea- but did I do something wrong? got 'Alex's Pet', exact same box, picture, does nothing.
Now, it could be my ignorance of-- well, nearly everything relevant to this stuff...If it is: Help!

January 8, 2005 at 9:49 AM


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