Have you seen those cool little BlogPets that are popping up all over the place? Yup, well we wrote it, and this is the official news site. Come and check out whats new, things we're working on and (of course) let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 25

Developers Meet

All the developers of BlogPet are meeting up later on today to go through bug fixes, improving the back-end code and making everything modular ready for new features. I'll also try and get everyone involved on here to blog their progress.

Dan is our 'comms expert' - he can pretty much get anything to talk to anything, and store everything in the process.

Guppy is AI nuts - the first time I met him he was teaching a toaster how to insult a cardboard box, and he's done a lot of work with natural language parsing with various other projects.

I'm going to work through these bug fixes for immediate release, while setting up the databases, testing environments and source libraries ready for version 2. Its a long way off but it will be worth every minute.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, August 23

Your BlogPet can count!

I've squeezed in a hit counter before we move over to the next development version - your BlogPet now counts how many visitors it has met! It will tell everyone when first clicked on, and will continue conversation as normal.

Let us know what you think...

Current Status

We've found a few bugs over the last couple of days which are on the list to be fixed (thanks to everyone who helped test). Next bugfixes will be:

  1. "domain . com" and "www . domain . com" will create separate pet personalities for the same domain name
  2. Pet does not check if site is hosted with Blogger - it just assumes
  3. When users test their new pet (through the Blogger interface, or from a locally-held web page) it screws the database up a bit
  4. Scrolling text flickers in Mozilla/Firefox
  5. Some CSS commands elsewhere in the document will override pet settings, causing strange text attributes

Plus some good new features coming soon:

  1. Better AI, understanding of posts and comments
  2. Recognition of people, profiles, who likes who, etc
  3. Linking of blogs and profiles between pets, so your pet will talk about your friends' blogs too (if they have a pet)
  4. Moving over to the Atom API for better blog interaction and support for services other than Blogger

There are some features I'd like to add later on, but this will require user signup rather than just copying-and-pasting a bit of script. These can wait, perhaps for a version 2.

Also I've moved the web site over to another space (still available from http://www.devirc.org/blogpet/) so that other team members can tweak the development code ready for a new release.

Bug fixes are on their way...

Sunday, August 22

Official Weblog for the Blog Pet project

This is the official weblog for the Blog Pet project. We've developed this cool little gizmo that you can install from here that creates a tiny pet on your Blogger.com blog! Oh yes sir.

It's packed full of features, and best of all its completely free. You just copy a bit of code into your template and you're automatically created a pet that you own. Nurture it, love it, say nice things in your blog and it will love you forever.

BlogPet reads your blog when you post, when others post, and when others comment. It understands the moods people are in, and the happier people are on your blog, the happier your pet! Of course an evil blog could lead to an equally evil pet...