Have you seen those cool little BlogPets that are popping up all over the place? Yup, well we wrote it, and this is the official news site. Come and check out whats new, things we're working on and (of course) let us know what you think!

Sunday, January 9

Version 2 coming real soon

First of all a *massive* thank you to everyone who has installed BlogPet on their blog. We received such a massive following, we had no idea it would become this popular this quick. It's on over 2000 blogs!

We've received some great feedback from you guys too, and I will answer some of your questions in a second. But first Dan, Guppy and I have some good news to announce.

After months of development (and, unfortunately, doing work for money for houses and food and things) we're getting close to version 2. Not hours, days, or weeks I'm afraid, we're probably talking mid-late February to make sure we get everything right. Keep an eye on this blog for more information.

Now to answer a few of your most popular questions:

It doesn't do much!
Yea, we know. Version 1 was more a feasability test - "could it be done"? Yes it can, and in doing so we've discovered everything else it can't do yet.

Can we have more pets?
Sure! Cats are just the beginning. So far we've been asked for dogs, bunnies, dinosaurs and chibis. What would you really like?

There's a lot of browser bugs!
Yea sorry. We didn't take into account some browsers that weren't quite so popular back when we started making BlogPet - a big oversight on my part. Although we aimed for errors that didn't completely rip your site to shreds, it does make for a not-very-nice-pet in some browsers.

How do I change my BlogPet settings?
That's a difficult one. We wanted to make it easy to install, so it didn't ask you for a password or account setup. This meant any information that is displayed by BlogPet is automatically gathered using some (rather basic) programming. Version 2 will incorporate much better NLP and improved support for other popular blogging tools.

Does it support multiple languages?
Unfortunately not. Getting a computer to understand English is a very difficult and delicate job as it is, and multilingual support would be a huge task. We just don't have the resources!

The pet box is too big!
We didn't think so, but then again we're not you. Could we get some more feedback on the size of the box please? It would help enormously.

Get a comedian to write the jokes
Yes true. Point taken.

What about regular updates?
We were hoping that the software would update itself, and in our absence it completely failed to do just that. Not only will Version 2 *work*, it will also have us backing it up. Consider regular updates in the future.